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20-Jan-2018 04:49

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When I finally met him and told him I didn’t think we had a future together, he begged me to reconsider — but I knew that the job would always come first and I wasn’t prepared to play second fiddle to MI5. I felt sad for him, because it must be so difficult to know who to trust and he had chosen me.

Life as a spy must be insular, isolating and small — in ending our relationship, I made his world that bit smaller.

They go at it fiercely as Cardi hops in an SUV and speeds away.

He was often late for our dates, or cancelled altogether.

He was constantly apologising for having to take calls, or for failing to show up with no good explanation.

My usually cool and confident beau shuffled in his seat and looked awkward.

Taking my hand, in hushed tones he explained that he worked for MI5.

The worst thing about finding out this gossip of the century? To this day, I’ve never told my family about his true identity and disclosed only the briefest of information to two close friends since.

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