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17-Jan-2018 22:07

What Halley's work accomplished was to make the idea of the Earth having a physical history that was older than human history (but not infinitely old) philosophically acceptable.

What makes Buffon's estimate stand out is that he not only posited a physical process that required a finite time to occur (the time for the Earth to cool from a hot molten state), but performed experiments designed to help him make the best possible estimates. The British physicist Lord Kelvin refined Buffon's calculation in 1862 ( of the age of the Earth by this means because they do not take into account natural radioactivity in rocks (which Kelvin did not know about) that makes the Earth warmer that it would be in the absence of any other sources of heat.

The Earth was thus millions of years old, but Hutton concluded (incorrectly) that the repeated cycles of decay & repair have effectively erased this history from the geologic record.

In Hutton's memorable words Lyell introduced the idea of Stratigraphic Ages for geological formations still in use (in modified form) today. But, while Uranium can be trapped in Zircon at formation, Lead is strictly excluded chemically.

“I have no idea," the Fox actress answered during the telecast. Until you hear it from me, it’s false." But the Oscar nominee still couldn’t stop giggling after her huge denial.

The brunette bombshell is notoriously private when it comes to dating, so it’s unsurprising she isn’t shouting about her possible beau from the rooftops.

NEWS: ‘Mad Men’ Couple Jon Hamm & January Jones Are Dating IRL As a shock to no one, it was Wendy Williams who asked the 45-year-old if she actually has a “new man,” AKA the former Indianapolis Colts defensive form the basis of dating the time since the rock solidified.

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