Mac mail rss not updating

18-Jul-2017 08:42

I prefer ownership, I really dislike streaming anywhere other than on a solid broadband connection, I like to have content which is available offline.I travel a lot, I like my MP3’s to be stored on my i Pod, my ebooks stored on my kindle and my laptop to be stuffed with movies that are available offline. No chance of changing terms and conditions, and access anywhere on the planet regardless of connectivity. With my web content I’d moved more towards the Spotify model.

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Then, using your feedly credentials in Reeder, you can sync your feedly account and view all of your RSS feeds in the reeder app.

Nirvana for those who would rather lease content than own it.

Having been born in the early eighties & being interested in tech since the ZX spectrum, I’ve always approached things differently.

For people like me, who are obsessed with the latest information, this was a game changer. fit=648,486&ssl=1" class="size-full wp-image-1845" src="https://i0com/ resize=648,486&ssl=1" alt="Palm IIIC" width="648" height="486" srcset="https://i0com/ For many reasons, this was the prefered business model for all hardware and software vendors.

Also, back then, most RSS feeds consisted off the full text of the article, including pictures, making it easy to aggregate blog posts and news posts for viewing offline. It meant services like Spotify could rent music to you without ownership ever being offered.

The blog posts I’d read on my XDA or my Palm IIIc while traveling (because the wider internet & social media weren’t available on the go, so I’d actually read real in-depth content).