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01-Nov-2017 06:19

In 2005 crew member Carl Morgan was jailed for life for murder, to serve a minimum of 30 years.

They attempted a comeback in 2010 and toured and released a greatest hits collection three years later, but, So Solid have been pretty quiet since 2004.

Maffia, who gave birth to Chelsea when she was 16, says: “She’s done really well.

She’s got her own business and a degree and she’s still just a teenager. I’m so proud.” Back in the early noughties, the garage scene in England was the last time many strong female performers have made it big who were not coming from the Brit school, or a reality TV show.

We were always the guinea pig, always the ones to be blame and be held responsible.

I don’t think they labelled us ‘black kids’ or ‘rough’ or ‘urban’, we were just the testing ground.

There has always been so much else surrounding them – firearms charges, assault, countless stabbings, even manslaughter – that it's easy to overlook any musical contribution they've made.

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Along the way, they won a Brit Award, but as well as success, controversy also followed the group.“And our closing performance,” Harvey adds, “was epic.”They were there to announce a “Best Of” compilation and also a farewell tour in November, though the very notion of “farewell” seems as vague to So Solid as it is to Status Quo.

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