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Before you take off for the first time, you can use the app as a training guide.

You pilot a virtual drone around a field on-screen, allowing you to familiarise yourself with the main controls, without risking smashing your new toy into a tree.

If you want to take your home movies to the next level, but don't want to fork out the many thousands for professional-level drones, the Phantom 3 is a superb starting point.

There are currently three versions of the drone available.

If you see you're getting too close to some trees, a quick movement on the stick will instantly change its course to get you out of trouble or simply return the sticks to neutral to stop it in its tracks.

At close range (up to around 30 metres, or 100 feet) I find it easy to pilot the drone simply by looking at it.

New sensors on the bottom of the drone point down and detect patterns on the floor to lock on to, in order to remain stable when flying indoors, where a GPS signal (used for stability outdoors) isn't available.

The controller is roughly similar to previous versions, with two main sticks and a clamp to hold a tablet -- I used my i Pad Mini without a problem -- which acts as the display for the drone's camera via the DJI Pilot app.There are small, fold-down brackets to hold a smartphone, with the app optimised for use with the On each top corner of the controller are buttons for starting and stopping recording and quickly changing camera settings like the exposure and angle of view.Using these physical controls is much easier than poking at the tiny on-screen controls while the drone is airborne. When you take it out of the box, just start charging the battery and the controller (a supplied lead charges both through one plug), and download the DJI Pilot app onto your i OS or Android device.Its design is almost unchanged from the previous , with a chunky white plastic body, and it's still incredibly easy to learn to fly.

It has improved image sensors too, which provide superior footage than previously available, and ground-scanning sensors to help it fly indoors.

After you insert the card back into the drone and turn it on, it'll take about 20 minutes to install it, bleeping the whole time.